Regret to say I love you

He is a poor words, boys, but he fell in love with a girl have a ready tongue. They give each other left, is always good side, and they themselves, but from the unknown.
Between them, are always boys when the audience, the girl when the listener.
The sun at this time, rise, fall......
That day, the sky is so blue, the sunshine is so beautiful. And he, is so excited, so nervous.
I love you!
He summoned the courage to sit beside him, the girl said.
But at that moment, everything became very quiet, as if the world, there is no sound.
The girl did not speak, but do not know how to ask the boys. Time in the quiet air passes quietly.
She no longer sat beside him, also don't go and tell him, even if less......
He regret, regret to say you love her. His world is becoming like him -- quietly. He didn't know why, he must hide yourself. Be afraid of? Or because of hate?
He also finally understand:
Love is love, love is the escape, escape is a words hurt the most, but it is not love, but.
No words are necessary because of love, each other understand. Love is the action of care, worry and care.
He wants to tell the girl, but I do not know how to speak.