Music cliff

It is late at night in the swamp, I like to hide in a very quiet night, the left ear to listen to your breathing, right ear with music Headset plug in. I listen to music on you never heard, even the tunes are lazy, will keep you in my world outside, not to enter also teeter.
I think that hide in the text, can kill the time bring me your love, but I wayward said inner blank, in fact, you more and more my heart fill. The desire of love of the era, I hold a will you all over my youth, then never come back. This is not the future I want to, I'm not criminals, not the existence of fabricated false. This should not, or is in and out, you have to draw the route cut off in my heart, not landing, boundless let me search, disappeared completely picture, roar leaving only disappear in smoke. I love you, and you, should sentence the dust slowly, all along.
I don't understand your cruel now, I broke the line of sight, blurred into the sea spread, I if fairy good, then only need a doughnut, the feed my good will laugh. Cool wind, really want to stand in the 10000 meters elevation of the cliff, I fall you will painful screamed, because only in that moment, I can feel you love me, miss me. I will be enough.
I would fall down after the endless swamp engulfed me, does look flat slope soft grassland. The intermittent movement began, I Is it right? Should not be so persistent, not the one possessed. Persuade myself, look at you, no longer move that fragile glass heart. Keep you, hurt yourself. It is time to oneself say sorry, failed to live up to your own. But I do not want to help you, because you wound presumptuous in my life, I am not willing to.
Can you without my cry, active hold me tight, like you had a desire to burn his own grave eyebrows, as I would be willing for you broken complete heart. That's it. Only once.