Time was long before I met her

Those closely involved cannot see clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded., time flies, people have changed, have been left vacant, your sorrow he couldn't understand, you sad he had never realized, so don't to hurt yourself, you laugh when someone attention, but when you cry don't have people care, to help you solve the problem friend, is worth you pay for him, when down the mountain when are you resisting, it is your happiness, always someone to remind someone to care about, always someone you are willing to lend a helping hand, always care and love you of person, have a kind of lecturing is the friendship performance, that is you can't lose.Tube Amp Class A of Kidult Online
Lonely night, let me uneasy, fear of the night, let me some anxiety, in the night, in the dark, can not be closed eyes, let I struggled, tossing in bed, thinking, to put aside all, sleeping in the ah! For my dreams I fly dream. Nobody can stop me of my time in this crazy, my age, I say, I will let my heart fly.
I can say frankly, not so persistent you my once, although only a blue one, but I can put her to fly, the parting of the witness, everyone has a No one shows any interest in night, makes me bend the brows, I do not know the Sorrow come from where, every day I really good tired, I seem as if nothing had happened, pain and suffering of heart and there will be a few people can understand, the road is long and winding, why should I worry about this, why in some no ending things cudgel thinking Residence Design!
Wrong, God will not give at the same time you open a door and a window for you, the road is their own choice, even if again difficult also to insist, time passed so quickly, and now I come to think of it, have a look, once oneself is to let people hate, also let a person respect, lets the human be yearning and pursuit.
Wake up to understand the don't understand love, and love hate dilemma also!Use plastics in daily life